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Mobus™ Online Learning Academy

Included with the full-day workshop is 90-day unlimited access to the most comprehensive learning platform for negotiation training offered online.

Our research indicates that consistent improvement in negotiation outcomes can only be reached through prolonged practice. After learning and modeling the Mobus™ approach during the 1-day workshop, you will solidify winning habits through 135 micro-lessons.

The New Generation of Negotiation Training

Globalization, information proliferation, and unprecedented outsourcing has radically changed the way we negotiate. Gaining an edge with insider industry knowledge and experience is rarer than ever. New competitors and market entrants who have low overhead and are willing to take little-to-no margin are more plentiful than ever. Never has there been such a need to rethink negotiations creatively in a way that not only adds long-term value but retains key relationships.

In an age where eroding profit and market share is inevitable for virtually all existing players in any market, Mobus™ is a world leader in the latest negotiation tactics and doesn’t stop there. To create sustainable gains in your organization’s negotiation abilities, Mobus™ drills down deep to change the very culture of an organization to give every individual contributor the ability to gain influence and create value, no matter if they are client facing, supplier facing, or even internally facing.

Customer-facing managers will be prepared to:

  • Up-sell and Cross-sell while building a stronger relationship with the client.
  • Win deals over low-end competitors that are willing to take slim margins or even losses.
  • Increase sales volume without giving up unit margin.
  • Sell high-end products and services with premium prices in an oversupplied market.
  • Lock in highly profitable agreements with key customers for years to come.
  • Negotiate development deals that are highly-customized.
  • Manage relationships with clients that want continuous lower pricing, improved performance, constant customizations, and faster implementation.
  • Maximize value of IP.
  • Optimize new Terms and Conditions, Master Agreements, Service-level Agreements, Contracts, and License Renewals.

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing professionals will be prepared to:

  • Purchase supplies while under pressure to cut costs and create savings without diminishing quality.
  • Work in low-cost countries/regions where quality and lead times need improvement.
  • Purchase from sole sources or situations where there is very little competition.
  • Negotiate effectively while internal stakeholders inadvertently give away leverage.
  • Navigate and maximize value over long-term product or service agreements.

Internal employees and managers will be prepared to:

  • Manage projects and efficiently gain buy-in from major stakeholders to accelerate business results.
  • Manage a team of project owners to ensure that long-term needs and goals are achieved.

Who Should Attend the Mobus Creative Negotiation Workshop™?

If you are personally involved in negotiations, Mobus Creative Negotiations™ will give you the tools to create better agreements and turn you into a more valuable employee. If you manage teams that handle negotiations and you suspect that money is being left on the table, Mobus™ negotiations training will lead to your next negotiations break-through. If you manage the training for your organization and you’ve tasked your best negotiators to teach others, only to find out that good negotiators aren’t necessarily great instructors, Mobus™ is the answer.

More Training Options

Mobus™ On-Site Training

We come on-site to deliver the world's most advanced negotiation training to your organization.

Mobus™ Webinars

Understand the basics of how to win deals while building key relationships through our webinar series.

Train-the-Trainer (T3) Program

Become certified to run the Mobus™ Creative Negotiations Workshops within your own organization.

About Frank Mobus

Frank Mobus, founder of Mobus Creative Negotiating, was recognized as one of the world’s top authorities on business negotiating. After gaining on-the-ground negotiating experience as a fourth-generation road construction contractor, Mobus joined Karrass in 1982 and within two years was named senior vice president. Over the next three decades, he spearheaded the training seminar program that became the gold standard in its field. He conducted seminars for leading companies in every sector in the U.S. and around the globe, including General Motors, Ford, IBM, and GE.

In 2014, Mobus put his best and freshest ideas to work at Mobus Creative Negotiating. Combining academic studies with an unmatched track record in on-the-ground training and consulting, he created the most advanced negotiating programs in the field. Mobus graduated from University of California, Irvine, and earned his master’s degree from New York University.

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